jesse vs cancer picture.jpg

Jesse Case is a standup comedian, originally from Nashville, Tennessee.  

He spent years touring relentlessly.

After a few TV appearances and building a small following of loyal fans, he landed in Los Angeles.

He became quite the rising star, doing every festival and show that were available to him.  The press was terrific, and he was on a bunch of those lists that are always coming out for some reason.  

He continued to tour, and started developing a few TV shows.  In 2013, he joined the cast of the Probably Science Podcast as a co-host.

That year, he also got sick.  Really sick.  In the ass area.  And it never went away.

2 years later he was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, and at 29, had to move back in with his parents for treatment.

This podcast is sort of about that.  It's about a lot of other stuff, too.  The outcome is unknown, but either way, he's going to record it.  There will be dick jokes.